Lamber de Bie

Lamber de Bie (Dutch Master Florist) and his team of internationally qualified florists are the choice florist for brides sins 1993 in Ireland.

Trough their stores in Waterford and Kilkenny as well as trough their work on many weddings and other events they are constantly attracting more brides to lay their trust in the hands of the experts at LAMBER DE BIE FLOWERS.

Lamber de Bie often features in Demonstrations for the Dutch Flower Council as well as for National and International Wholesalers for the flower trade displaying his latest designs and trends for the future. Lamber de Bie opened his own Floristry School for the General public as well as a warmly welcomed program of workshops for the florist trade of Ireland. Were better to lay your trust than with the teacher himself.

It is not only the quality of the workmanship that separates Lamber de Bie from the rest.  At LAMBER DE BIE FLOWERS every bride is given 100% attention and treated as the only bride we are dealing with this year. Flowers are designed on an individual base to reflect the bride and her wedding day. Needles to see; All quotations provided by LAMBER DE BIE FLOWERS are without any obligation.

LAMBER DE BIE FLOWERS, Trendsetters in Quality, Creativity, Service.


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