95 Million Red Roses

Dutch Auctions selling over 95 Million Red Roses in a Week

Not all “Romantics” will get exited for Valentines. However the week before Valentines is a Top-Week for the Dutch flower auctions. Especially Red Roses will leave the auction as quick as they arrive in the thousands. In the week before Valentines is the turnover of the dutch flower auctions approximately 60% higher than a normal week. The popularity of Valentines day has grown faster than any other flower day. Since 2000, the 14th of February has grown into one of the key days of the year for the flower sector. Together with Christmas and Mothersday, Valentines now belongs in the top days for a florists calender. Easter closeley follows this.

Flora Holland, The organization covering all dutch flower auctions, expects this week in their 6 locations in Holland to sell over 95 Million Red Roses and way over 100 million Tulips . The Chrysanthemum, with an estimated sale of 24 Million is still at number three. In total the combined dutch flower auctions expect to sell 300 million flowers and over 20 million plants.

Growers, flower auctions, flower exporters, transporters, florists and their delivery people will some of the people not going to their favorite restaurant on Valentines night, They’ll all be happy to rest after a busy week.

Happy Valentines,

Lamber de Bie

Dutch Master Florist.

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