Blue’s, Gray’s and Green’s around the garden

Blue, Gray and Green are some of my favorite colours in the garden.

Kilkenny Limestone table with ornaments

I love my table on the terrace with a large sheet of Kilkenny limestone filled with beautiful fossils.


My design studio freshly painted

I recently painted my design studio in this fresh blue with pure white detail around the windows. It brightens the garden even on the dullest of days.


Hosta leaves

The Hosta is a plant I love in my garden and I have lots of different varieties. It is an annual struggle to keep them protected from slugs. I don’t like using slug pellets so often place a half apple upside down under the Hosta plants and collect the slugs twice daily – a treat my chickens are very grateful fore.

Ceder Atlantica

This tree is now approx 25 ft tall and provides shade for the chickens in the summer. It reminds me of the mature -much larger – Atlas Ceder we had in our garden growing up in Holland.


Silver pine needles

The needles of this very slow growing pine have a fantastic silver on the back and olive green on the front.


The dried bark from a Eucalypthus tree that died during last winter's frost

This is a detail of the dried bark of a Eucalypthus tree that died as a result of the very cold winter we had.

Scented Mint flowers

The mint has a wonderful soft scent and flowers during August and September.

Weeping Willow leaves

The leaves of the weeping willow tree are some of the most elegant foliage in the garden. They move – dance like – with the slightest movement in the air catching the light on the silver back of the leaves.


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