Sunflowers the Queen of Summer Flowers


If you could choose one flower to crown as queen of the summer flowers, it would have to be the majestic sunflower. Did you know that the flower in the wild turns with the sun during the day? At night the flower heads turn back to the east. We call this phenomenon Heliotropism.




As well as the well-known yellow sunflower, you can also choose orange, brown, cream coloured and dark red varieties. There is also a range of shapes: there are sunflowers with large or small flowers, with a single row of flower petals or with multiple rings of petals.



The sunflower is often considered a symbol of the sun and love. In Greek mythology, nymph Clytia fell completely in love with the sun god Apollo. Even though Clytia was really beautiful, Apollo didn’t return her love. The result: Clytia died from a broken heart, changed into a sunflower and turned constantly with the sun, to see her sun god. What a dramatic love story! 



The sunflower actually comes from North and South America. Native Americans ate the seeds from the flower, together with beans, corn and squashes. The official name of the sunflower is Helianthus, a combination of the Greek Helios (sun) and Anthos (flower).




When arranging a sunflower bouquet, think of a combination of calla lilies, gladioli, dahlia and celosia.


Also lovely to combine with sunflowers and which can be seen on the photo are gladioli, alstroemerias, celosias and asclepias. With a piece of floral foam as the base, you build the bouquet from the top to the bottom, first the gladioli, then the alstroemerias, then the sunflowers and celosias and finally the asclepias.





Create an extended summer in your vase:


  • Cut the end of the stems off diagonally.
  • Remove any excess leaves from the stems.
  • Place the flowers in a clean, preferably glass vase.
  • Add a bit of cut flower food.
  • Re-fill the vase regularly, because sunflowers are thirsty. 


At Lamber de Bie Flowers we sell Sunflowers at 3 for €7.50  These magnificent large Sunflowers will brighten your Patio table for alfresco dining or your kitchen on the duller summer days.

Sunflower gift vase
Sunflower gift vase



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