Lamber de Bie Flowers have stores in Kilkenny & in Waterford, Ireland.

Contact Kilkenny:

kilkenny@lamberdebie.com or Call +353 (0)56 – 777 0161

Contact Waterford:

Superquinn Centre

waterford@lamberdebie.com or Call +353 (0)51 – 379 440

Ardkeen Quality Foodstore

ardkeen@lamberdebie.com or Call +(0)51 – 844 848


One thought on “About

  1. Wonderful site – Love the piece on trends. I adore the fact that you are communicating the real art involved in floristry, how future concepts are taking their terms of reference from neo classical shapes or posibilly even impressionist palettes. I’ve long thought flowers which are the subject of so many great paintings are infact even more beautifully utilised in a dramatic arrangment on your dining room table rather than on a canvas hanging on the wall – I know which I prefer – bring some beauty into your life with a bespoke piece of art from Lamber de Bie. Its all about joy!

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