On the Red Carpet

On the Red Carpet

Oscars Fashion 2011

Watching the Oscars 2011 live it stands out that Feathers are still big this year and this will deffo follow in wedding fashion for the forthcoming year.
Silver, Black and Lilac/Purple are in this year and for the jewels we saw lots of large single stones such as emeralds.
Halle Berry, wearing her wonderful stunning vintage style dress could be the next ultimate wedding dress.
And for the grooms and Best Men to-Be, the best dressed guys at tonight’s Oscars were wearing top class suits with black ties and silver or shiny black shirts; The shirt has become what the shoes were before, Shiny black tie on a well taylored black shirt or a shiny white silk tie (either traditional, skinny tie or a white silk dickie-bow) on a stunningly, understated white shirt – this doesn’t mean you guys can forget about your shoes.
Some of the best dressed guests at any wedding this year can be proud of being compared to the ever fantastic looking Helen Mirren in her stunning under stated silver / gray dress or Oprah who wore a magnificent black top with a silver / gray skirt, still showing some glitter, but after all if you are Oprah you can still do a bit of sparkling bling – even in 2011.

And, did you see the new add of Miss Dior with Natalie Portman showing a large bouquet of large, open champagne roses in a vase – It’s Vintage !!!! All the way.