Autumn Flowers Online Waterford

Autumn Flower Trends 2012

Autumn Flowers Waterford
Autumn flower selection Kilkenny, Waterford, Ireland.

This Autumn is about lasting values of tradition through to exiting new concepts that are fused together with coarseley woven fabrics and twines.

Colour is all about berry reds, bracken browns and russet oranges that are delicately put together in our autumn collection by the qualified Interflors florists at Lamber de Bie Flowers in Waterford and Kilkenny, Ireland.

Autumn Flowers
Autumn Flowers Ireland Online

One of our Best selling autumn flower gift is the Autumn Bouquet.

This bouquet of autumn tone flowers is available for next day delivery ans same day day delivery when ordered before 12 noon from our florist website or by calling direct to one of our florist shops in Waterford and Kilkenny.

So many colours and so many wonderful flowers combine to make our Autumn Hand-tied bouquetsomething special. Featuring the freshest, most beautiful autumn flowers in glowing shades, expertly tied by hand to create this stunning bouquet. Finished with a patterned wrap and voile ribbon, it’s a gift that is perfect for any occasion this autumn.

Interflora Flowers
Interflora Autumn Gift Bag Flowers online

Another favorite is the Large Autumn Gift Bag flower arrangement;

Here’s a stunning gift bag that really captures the most vibrant seasonal colours. We’ve chosen rich reds and crimsons, sunset orange shades, and rich burgundy, all helping to create that autumnal feel. With this beautiful arrangement of roses, germinis and a very beautiful Asiatic lily, autumn has never been more magnificent.

Featuring 1 orange carthamus, 2 dark red germinis, 2 orange germinis, 1 red Asiatic lily and 2 orange large-headed roses with solidago, burgundy oak leaf and salal, carefully arranged in an autumnal jute gift bag.

Autumn Flowers in a vase
Selection of Orange autumn flowers online for delivery in Waterford and Ireland

Here’s just two of the many autumn flower gifts available online from our website and available for delivery almost anywhere in Ireland and UK.

For the full range of Autumn flowers go to Autumn Flowers on our website.

Autumn Theme Wedding

Harvest Theme Wedding Arch

Creating a Arch to welcome all your guest to your wedding venue will be the best welcome you can give your family & friends.

Continuing the theme of the wedding with your Wedding Cake decorations of fresh fruits and leaves coated in eggwhite and sprinkled with sugar. An finish off with some fresh white rose petals.

Lamber de Bie

Dutch Master florist

Decorating with Apples

Creating your own table decorations is great fun and does not have to cost much, while you can impress your friends with wonderful, creative decorations for your dinner table.

For this display I used the large Night-Lights that burn for 8 hours. (these can be bought in most good supermarkets). Small night-Lights normally only last 2 hours, and there is nothing more annoying than halfway trough your dinner party the candles are finished and the effect of your hard work is lost.

For this display I used 7 small red apples, 10 orange, large headed roses and some large orange/green Oak leaves (these can be bought in any good florist during September trough to the end of November). Alternatively you can look for autumn leaves in your garden or in the park.

Take your Night-Lights out of the metal cup they come in and place this cup upside down on the apple. With a sharp knife follow the edge of the metal cap only to cut through the skin. Next you can push the metal cap into the apple. You than lift the cap (pierce it with a sharp knife, and lift it) and all there is left to empty out the apple so that the night- light fits into the opening.

Before putting the candle into the apple dry the inside with some tissue paper to avoid the wick getting wet.

To stop the apple becoming brown brush very lightly some oil (cooking oil is perfect) over the fresh cut. This will seal it from the air and stop the browning.

Your roses are cut right at the base of the flower so they will stand up on their own.

All there is left than is to play around with the composition on your table.

As the roses are not in water they will not last longer than a day. After your guests have left you can take your roses and leave them floating in a shallow bowl with water so you will get full pleasure from your displays.

Have Fun, and let me know if you have any ideas.

Lamber de Bie

Dutch Master florist