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Have a look at Lamber de Bie Flowers in the Kilbarry Shopping Centre on the Tramore Road in Waterford, Ireland.

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Lamber de Bie flowers, Flower shop in the Kilbarry Centre on the Tramore Road, in Waterford, Ireland

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Lamber de Bie Flowers, Ardkeen Quality Foodstore, Dunmore Road, Waterford, Ireland.

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How to choose the right flowers for your wedding.

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding

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Your wedding day really is one of the most important days of your life. Making everything perfect for this day is a daunting task. Finding the correct venue, selecting the perfect wedding dress, picking the most beautiful invitations, and choosing wedding flowers, are just some of the things you have to contend with.

Let’s see if we can’t make these tasks simpler. Today we will go over everything involved in getting the right flowers for your wedding. Finding the perfect flowers starts long before your wedding day. Here are some things you should consider beforehand.

What colors are you using in the wedding? This is a very important factor affecting the whole wedding. Flowers are available in almost every color these days. You wouldn’t want to fall in love with a certain flower and then find that it doesn’t work with your color scheme at all.

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Decide if you want sophisticated or simple flowers. Roses are the flower of choice for traditional wedding services. If you want something different, a little more modern, go with orchids or tulips.

The budget is a big consideration when choosing wedding flowers. Flowers such as carnations are less expensive than roses, and roses cost less than orchids. Know your budget before going to the florist to pick the flowers. If your flower budget is small, you re better of with a few large displays than a lot of small ones. For the venue you can place one very large floral display in the centre of the room that can be admired by everyone, and decorate the individual tables with just some rose petals in the colour of your wedding and some tea-lights.

Unusual Bridal Flowers

How many people in your wedding party need flowers? Make sure you know the number of attendants before getting flowers for your wedding. Your wedding bouquet is the most important. Some brides have one bouquet that they keep and another to throw at the reception, so decide if this is something you wish to do. All of the bridesmaids need flowers, as does the maid of honor. The flower girl if you have one and the Mother of the bride will need flowers. You’ll also want boutonnières for the groom and his attendants.

Another thing to remember when choosing wedding flowers is decorating the church and reception hall. Some places flowers are used in the church are at the altar, on the end of pews, and the front door. If you want to go all out, throwing rose petals along the isle is nice. For the reception hall, you’ll need centerpieces for each table, a larger centerpiece for the bride and grooms table, and flowers around the wedding cake. Remember to take the colors used on your wedding cake into account when picking flowers. You wouldn’t want anything to clash.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when choosing wedding flowers. You want the wedding to be beautiful, and picking the perfect flowers will go a long way in achieving this goal. A little organization and planning is all it takes to have the perfect wedding.

If you like to see some more ideas go to the wedding section on our website by clicking on the picture below.

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