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Autumn flowers online

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Find a selection of Autumn flowers, autumn bouquets and autumn flower arrangements from the offering of seasonal fresh autumn flowers at the Florist website of Lamber de Bie –

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Autumn Flowers Online


Autumn flowers created by qualified florists and hand delivered in Ireland and the UK.

Autumn flowers
Autumn flower bouquet

Autumn Flowers Rose and Lily Hand-tied

Combining exquisite lilies and large-headed roses, this classically elegant hand-tied is a perfect partnership of colours and blooms. Lilies and large-headed roses work so wonderfully together, and we’ve added oak leaves and fresh foliage for their colour and contrasting texture. It’s all perfectly finished off with lavish seasonal gift-wrap. Featuring 5 red Asiatic lilies, 5 orange large-headed roses, red oak leaf and pittosporum.

This bouquet is available in 3 different prices, starting from € 40.00


Autumn Splendour Vase

Autumn Flowers Splendour Perfect Gift

Our Autumn Splendour Perfect Gift is a rich collage of colours, from end-of-the-summer orange to the firelight glow of amber. The large-headed orange rose takes centre stage, wonderfully complemented by germinis and carnations. Featuring 1 orange carthamus, 3 orange germinis, 2 orange spray carnations, an orange large-headed rose, and solidago with red oak leaf, salal and pittosporum, presented in a clear glass vase with a rustic brown sisal collar.


Autumn flowers bouquet

XL Autumn Flowers Hand Tied

Our Extra Large Autumn Hand-tied is an incredible sight. With a generous array of large-headed roses, germinis and carnations, it’s one of our most spectacular designs. The colours are wonderfully chosen too, dappled sunlight shades combine with rich orange and crimson. It will make an absolutely breathtaking gift. Featuring 2 orange large-headed roses, 5 gold carnations, 2 yellow spray chrysanthemums, 2 bronze spray chrysanthemums, 5 orange germinis, and 4 orange spray carnations, with red oak leaf.


Lily and Physalis Vase

Extra Large Lily and Physalis Vase

This extravagant union of exquisite flowers really capture the beauty of the season. In this extra large arrangement we\’ve chosen even more stunning lilies and exotic physalis to create a flawless and and spectacular display. It\’s a dazzling new take on autumn flowers and it\’s going to amaze. Featuring 8 red Asiatic lilies and 5 physalis, with black and red grevillea in a tall slim, glass vase.


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