When is Mother’s Day ?

When is Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is celebrated in several countries across the globe, though the month and date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated in different countries varies. Most countries celebrate Mothers Day on second Sunday in the Month of May. This Mother’s Day date was declared by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914 when he signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. This US tradition of celebrating Mothers Day and paying tribute to mothers spread across several countries over the years and these countries too adopted second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. However, in many countries the way Mothers Day is celebrated varies and is quite different from the manner in which Mothers Day is celebrated in US. But what is more important than the date and fashion of celebration is the feeling behind the festival. The idea of celebrating Mother’s Day the world over is to pay tribute to mothers for all their love and support and to make them feel special.

Mother’s Day Date in Different Countries

Mother’s Day in United Kingdom and Ireland:

The fourth Sunday in Lent.

2010 – March 14

2011 – April 3

2012 – March 18

2013 – March 10

2014 – March 30

2015 – March 15

2016 – March 6

United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Turkey:

Second Sunday in the month of May.

2010 – May 9

2011 – May 8

2012 – May 13

2013 – May 12

2014 – May 11

2015 – May 10

2016 – May 8

Austria, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain:

First Sunday in May

2010 – May 2

2011 – May 1

2012 – May 6

2013 – May 5

2014 – May 4

2015 – May 3

2016 – May 1


First Sunday in June or last Sunday in May

Much of South America (as well as Mexico), Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates:

May 10

Mexico: – May 8

Albania: – March 8

Russia: – November 28

Poland: – May 26

Indonesia: – December 22

Egypt: – March 21

Norway: – February 13

Thailand: Birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara – August 12

Sweden: Last Sunday in May

Lebanon: First day of Spring

Norway: The second Sunday in February

Costa Rica: August 15

Argentina: The Día de la Madre – The second or third Sunday in October

Lamber de Bie



How to find the perfect florist?

How to choose “The Perfect Florist” for your wedding?

Choosing the right florist to look after your wedding flowers is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding the flowers on your big day.

If you frequent a florist who’s work you like and on top of that you’re getting married in your hometown, well than you’re lucky and you’re halfway there.

But for many Brides-to-be it’s not that easy.

I’ve put together some tips to consider making sure you choose the right florist.

Some questions you should ask yourself first:

  • What flowers do I like best?
  • What will be the Theme/Style of my wedding?
  • What colour scheme will be used at my wedding?
  • What budget do I have for my flowers?
  • Do I see flowers to be an important part of my wedding day?

In order to choose the right florist and pick flowers that totally represent you on the day it is advisable to start collecting lots of photos of bouquets, church flowers and reception flowers before you choose your florist. Collect lots of photos from wedding and lifestyle magazines, websites, etc.. Open a file were you collect all your photos. Don’t be to worried about the fact if these flowers are in season, the main purpose of this collection is first of all to develop a clearer view for you of what you like and when you are ready to talk to a florist this will be a valuable help for the florist to learn your personal style.

After you have spend some time finding out what you would expect from your wedding flowers it is time to choose two or three florist for you to visit.

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Contact your hotel wedding coordinator for recommendations.
  • What are the Florists qualifications?
  • How long are they established?
  • Do I like the wedding bouquets and arrangements they show on their website?
  • Do I like the style of floristry in their shop?

If you can it is good to visit the florists of your choice to see their store, their work and find out what their service is like on a normal day. In most flower shops it is best to make an appointment to visit and discuss your floral requirements, as you want the florist to have time to discuss all options with you.

When you are talking to a florist about your wedding flowers make sure that;

  • They give you plenty of time.
  • They ask you lots of questions to find out what you really like.
  • After listening to you they come up with some suggestions.
  • They don’t immediately suggest wedding package A, B or C. This is often an excuse not to have to listen to what are the perfect flowers for you. After all every bride is different, and your flowers should be “you”.
  • They offer to send you a detailed proposal of what you discussed with all items priced individually so you can review all this at your leisure.
  • They do not push you into paying a deposit at your first meeting.

After visiting the potential florists for your wedding and you have taken time to see their proposals it is time to choose “Your” florist.

At this point I suggest to totally trust on your intuition. Which of the florist did give you the feeling that:

  • They understand you and what flowers you like best.
  • They will produce top quality on the day.
  • They Are capable of executing what they promise.
  • They will give you time to finalize details of your wedding flowers.
  • You will get on with them over the next while leading up to your wedding day.

Now I’m sure you’re ready to choose the right florist for you.

Often it takes two or three meetings with your florist before you come to the perfect floral displays for your wedding.

At this point a florist will often ask for a deposit to keep the day free for you. This is a good thing as you do not want a florist that takes as many weddings as possible on one day and than turns to mass production.

I hope these tips will help you making your wedding day as special as it should be.

Lamber de Bie

Dutch Master Florist