Most popular Autumn Flowers 2012

Send Flowers Online this Autumn

As every year we have a large range of flowers to send on our online florist website available for you to send to Waterford, Kilkenny, Dublin or anywhere in Ireland.

Here’s and overview of the four most popular autumn flower products for 2012 so far.

No 1 Best Seller Autumn Flowers Online

Best Autumn Flowers online
The Autumn Elegance Vase Arrangement is available online in 3 sizes. Buy online from Lamber de Bie Flowers and your local florist will deliver flowers for you in Ireland and UK.

Autumn Elegance Vase Arrangement 2012

Think of autumn and you’re sure to conjure up wonderful colours and textures – and that’s just what we’ve done with this vibrant vase arrangement. Bright orange Asiatic lilies mingle with birch and burgundy oak leaf in a vase arrangement that really brings the season to life. All the richness of autumn is here, plus a subtle mix of eucalyptus and wheat grass. Featuring orange Asiatic lilies with birch, burgundy oak leaf, eucalyptus and wheat grass presented in an amber-coloured carafe vase.

This beautiful floral gift is available from our local florists website for €48.00 as seen in the picture above. You can also choose to buy the larger edition for €60.00 or for that very special person go for the “Extra Large Autumn Elegance Vase Arrangement 2012” for €72.00

For more Autumn Flowers online go to AUTUMN FLOWERS ONLINE 

No 2 Best Seller Autumn Flowers Online

Most popular autumn bouquet online Kilkenny and Waterford
Beautiful Autumn Bouquet available online for delivery.

Large Autumn Rose and Lily Hand-tied 2012

Roses and lilies are always a favourite choice. For this gift we’ve chosen exquisite red Asiatic lilies to combine with large-headed orange roses. It’s a perfect combination, the autumn colours complement each other perfectly, and the mix of shapes and textures makes this a really beautiful bouquet.  This bouquet is a real favorite with the florists at Lamber de Bie flowers in Waterford and Kilkenny. When delivering this fresh flower gift the flowers will be more closed as we like to deliver flowers that will last longer in your home.

Featuring red Asiatic lilies and orange large-headed roses expertly hand-tied with burgundy oak leaf and pittosporum, and finished with gift wrapping and ribbon.

This beautiful Autumn Bouquet is available from our local florists website for €60.00 as seen in the picture above. You can also choose to buy the smaller edition for €40.00 or for that very special person go for the “Extra Large Autumn Rose and Lily Hand-Tied 2012” for €78.00

For more Autumn Flowers online go to AUTUMN FLOWERS ONLINE 

No 3 Best Seller Autumn Flowers Online

best selling yellow autumn flowers online
Large Yellow and Gold Autumn Flower Gift

Large Yellow and Gold Autumn Flowers 2012

There’s more to autumn than reds and russets, as this wonderfully bright and sunny arrangement shows. We’ve carefully selected flowers that will brighten any day, including cheery yellow germinis and stunning large-headed golden roses. It’s a fresh, bright arrangement, bursting with colour.

This beautiful selection is full of autumn sunshine, and perfectly complements the more rustic colours of the season. With a larger selection of these cheerful flowers in rich shades, it’s a lovely choice for any celebration this autumn.

Featuring 3 orange carnations, 3 yellow / gold germinis, 2 gold large-headed roses, 2 solidago, burgundy oak leaf and salal presented in a curved, clear glass vase.

This beautiful Yellow and Gold Autumn Flower gift is available from our local florists website for €38.50 as seen in the picture above. You can also choose to buy the smaller edition for €32.50

For more Autumn Flowers online go to AUTUMN FLOWERS ONLINE 

No 4 Best Seller Autumn Flowers Online
Best selling autumn gift online
Autumn gift bag 2012 is one of our most popular autumn flowers available online in 2012

Autumn Gift Bag 2012

Capture the essence of autumn with this beautiful selection of seasonal favourites. We’ve chosen rich orange, vibrant red and deep burgundy to really celebrate the season, and the pretty jute gift bag is the perfect finishing touch.

Here’s a stunning gift bag that really captures the most vibrant seasonal colours. We’ve chosen rich reds and crimsons, sunset orange shades, and rich burgundy, all helping to create that autumnal feel. With this beautiful arrangement of roses, germinis and a very beautiful Asiatic lily, autumn has never been more magnificent.

Featuring orange carthamus, dark red germinis, orange germinis, red Asiatic lily and orange large-headed roses with solidago, burgundy oak leaf and salal, carefully arranged in an autumnal jute gift bag.

This perfect Autumn gift is available from our local florists website for €28.00 as seen in the picture above. You can also choose to buy the larger edition for €32.50 or for that very special occasion go for the “Extra Large Autumn Gift Bag 2012” for €36.00
For more Autumn Flowers online go to AUTUMN FLOWERS ONLINE 
Lamber de Bie Flowers has a number of flower shops in the south east of Ireland, established for over 12 years in retail, Lamber de Bie, Dutch Master Florist has build up a name of the expert florist in Ireland since arriving in Ireland from his native Holland in 1993.
The qualified florist in the team of Lamber create every gift for you with attention to the best quality flowers and design and deliver every floral gift with a smile to the customer. As a member of Interflora we can deliver almost anywhere in Ireland and in the UK.

Mothers Day Flowers

Mothers Day Flowers

Sunday 3rd of April 2011 is Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Flowers Online
Mothers Day Flowers Online Ireland

Best selection of fresh bouquets for mothers day 2011 are now available online for delivery in Ireland and the UK. We deliver on Mother’s day Sunday.

This Mother’s day basket filled with beautiful pink, creme and blue flowers will put a smile on any mums face when the delivery person arrives at her door on mothers day morning. This Mothers day basket is available for €40.00 plus delivery.

Mother's Day Basket
Mother's Day Basket with Pink Flowers

Mothers Day Vase.

We created the stunning mothers day vase in 3 different sizes for you to choose from:

The standard mothers day vase comes arranged in an elegant clear glass vase and has a selection of  large oriental pink lilies, and pink large headed roses. Bursting with beautiful, feminine colours and contrasting textures, this vase arrangement makes an impressive Mother’s Day gift. A classic combination of pink roses and lilies is completmented by soft cream lisianthus, all carefully arranged in a tapered glass vase. Featuring pink large-headed roses, pink Oriental lilies and cream lisianthus with palm and salal leaves, presented in a tapered clear glass vase. The mothers day vase can be delivered in Ireland and the UK for €60.00 plus delivery.

Mother's Day Vase
Mother's Day Vase

The large mothers day vase can be delivered in Ireland and the UK for €72.00 plus delivery.

Large mother's day vase
Large Mothers Day Vase

The extra large mothers day vase can be delivered in Ireland and the UK for €84.00 plus delivery.

Extra Large Mother's Day Vase
Extra Large Mother's Day Vase

Mothers Day planted Basket

We’ve chosen African violets and palm for our Mother’s Day planted basket. The vibrant pink and purple look stunning against the green foliage, and the grey-wash split willow basket adds a contemporary twist. It’s a beautiful gift, which Mum is sure to love. Featuring 2 African violets and a palm carefully planted in a split willow basket and finished with a pink ribbon bow.

The mothers day planted basket is available for delivery in Ireland and the UK for €30.00 plus delivery.

Mothers day planted basket
Mother's Day Planted Basket

Mothers Day Rose Vase

From our exclusive range of flowers we have chosen for the clear glass globe vase with a compact hand tied bouquet of large headed pink and lilac roses as the ultimate luxurious mothers day gift.

Mothers Day Roses in Glass Vase
Mothers Day Roses in Clear Glass Globe Vase

Mother’s Day Hand-tied Bouquet

Mum is going to love in this beautiful bouquet. Including elegant Oriental lilies, large-headed pink roses, and vibrant germinis, this is a very stylish Mother’s Day gift. The rich pinks and lush greens are big impact colours too – just what you need to celebrate your Mum’s special day. Featuring pink Oriental lilies, pink large-headed roses, cerise germinis, pink lisianthus and gypsophila, expertly hand-tied with aspidistra, eucalyptus and salal and finished with Mother’s Day wrap and ribbon.

The mothers day hand tied bouquet is available for delivery in Ireland and the UK for €40.00 plus delivery.

Standard size hand tied mother's day bouquet
Mothers Day Bouquet Standard

Large Mother’s Day Hand-tied Bouquet

A large version of our popular Mother’s Day hand-tied, this vibrant bouquet includes spectacular Oriental lilies, gorgeous large-headed roses and cheerful germinis. It’s elegant, stylish and is sure to delight Mum on her special day. Featuring pink Oriental lilies, pink large-headed roses, cerise germinis, pink lisianthus and gypsophila, expertly hand-tied with aspidistra, eucalyptus and salal and finished with Mother’s Day wrap and ribbon.

The large mothers day hand tied bouquet is available for delivery in Ireland and the UK for €54.00 plus delivery.

Large hand tied mothers day bouquet
Large Hand Tied Mothers day Bouquet

Extra Large Mother’s Day Hand-tied Bouquet

Such an extravagant hand-tied is the perfect way to show Mum your appreciation. This rich medley of stunning cerise and soft pink flowers includes exotic Oriental lilies and classic large-headed roses in abundance. This extra large bouquet is a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day. Featuring pink Oriental lilies, pink large-headed roses, cerise germinis, pink lisianthus and gypsophila, expertly hand-tied with aspidistra, eucalyptus and salal and finished with Mother’s Day wrap and ribbon.

The extra large mothers day hand tied bouquet is available for delivery in Ireland and the UK for €66.00 plus delivery.

Extra large hand tied mother's day bouquet
Extra Large Hand-Tied Mother's Day Bouquet.

This is just a selection of the most popular bouquets and arrangements for mothers day 2011.

For a look at the full selection of our floral mothers day gifts go to our website at or click on the photo below.

Mothers Day Flowers Online
Mothers Day Flowers Online Ireland
Flowers online for Mothers day
Flowers online for Mother's Day from Dutch Master Florist, Lamber de Bie.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers

Basket with plants for mother's day
mother's day planted flower basket

Mother’s Day Flowers Online

Mother’s Day 2011 will be celebrated on Sunday 3rd April this year in Ireland and the UK.

Mother's Day Flower Bouquet
Extra Large Mother's Day Hand-tied Bouquet

Lamber de Bie Flowers have an exiting range of beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts available from their florist web site as well as from their flower shops in Kilkenny and Waterford. The full range of flowers on our Mother’s Day Flowers section in the website can be sent anywhere in Ireland and the UK.

There are Pink Mother’s Day Bouquets starting at €40.00, Extra large Mother’s day hand-tied for only €66.00, planted baskets starting from €30.00 and a selection of bouquets and arrangements for Mother’s Day starting from €28.00.

Flower gift for Mother's Day
Mother's Day perfect gift, flowers in a gift bag

For our Mother’s Day Collection we have chosen the best value flowers available for Mother’s Day while ensuring a large selection of specialist Mother’s Day Flowers.

We have created beautiful bouquets including white lilies. bouquets including pink orchids, all pink bouquets, planted arrangements and flower baskets in pinks.

For the Mother’s Day 2011 range we have also included some magnificent floral arrangements from our exclusive flower range such as the clear glass vase filled with pink and lilac roses.

Flowers in a Vase for Mother's Day
Mother's Day Vase, Clear glass vase filled with pink lilies and flowers.

Mother’s day deliveries can be specified for both Saturday delivery as well as for Sunday Delivery. As a member of Interflora and trough our Interflora florists members we can guarantee best quality flowers for Mothers Day as well as best value flowers for Mother’s Day.

Orchid's in a box
Orchid gift box for Mother's Day.

Christmas Flowers Online

Christmas Flowers Online


Christmas Flowers
Perfect Christmas gift online


All White Christmas Bouquet
Icy White Christmas Bouquet
Christmas basket in red and green
Christmas basket arrangement
Christmas Bouquet in white and touch of pink
Christmas bouquet in white and pink
Christmas bouquet in vase
Red Christmas Bouquet in gold vase
Christmas flowers in red glass vase
Christmas flowers in a red glass vase
Christmas Flowers online
Christmas Flowers Online

Just some of the flowers available online from for christmas


Mistletoe berries from the European Mistletoe


The name was originally applied to Viscum Album(European Mistletoe, Santalaceae), the only species native in Great Britain and much of Europe. Later the name was further extended to other related species, including Phoradendron serotinum (the Eastern Mistletoe of eastern North America, also Santalaceae). European Mistletoe is readily recognized by its smooth-edged oval evergreen leaves borne in pairs along the woody stem, and waxy white berries in dense clusters of 2 to 6. In America, the Eastern Mistletoe is similar, but has shorter, broader leaves and longer clusters of 10 or more berries. In the United States, Phoradendron flavescens is commercially harvested for Christmas decorations, as is Viscum album in Europe.

Mistletoe plants grow on a wide range of host trees, and commonly reduce their growth but can kill them with heavy infestation. Viscum album can parasitise more than 200 tree and shrub species. Almost all mistletoes are paracites.(A parasitic plant is one that derives some or all of its sustenance from another plant.), bearing evergreen leaves, and using the host mainly for water and mineral nutrients.

Most mistletoe seeds are spread by birds, In Europe mainly by the Mistle Trush.

Mistletoe was often considered a pest that kills trees and devalues natural habitats, but was recently recognized as an ecological keystone species, an organism that has a disproportionately pervasive influence over its community. A broad array of animals depend on mistletoe for food, consuming the leaves and young shoots, transferring pollen between plants, and dispersing the sticky seeds. The dense evergreen “witches brooms”formed by the dwarf mistletoes (Arceuthobium species) of western North America also make excellent locations for roosting and nesting of the Northern Spotted Owl among others.

European mistletoe, Viscum album, figured prominently in Greek Mythology. In cultures across pre-Christian Europe, mistletoe was seen as a representation of divine male essence (and thus romance, fertility and vitality), possibly due to a resemblance between the berries and semen.

Wedding Bouquet of Lamber de Bie Flowers

Mistletoe is commonly used as a Christmas decoration, though such use was rarely alluded to until the 18th century. Viscum albumis is the Mistletoe used in Europe whereas Phoradendron serotinum is used in North America.

American Mistletoe

According to custom, the mistletoe must not touch the ground between its cutting and its removal as the last of Christmas greens; it may remain hanging through the year, often to preserve the house from lightning or fire, until it was replaced the following Christmas Eve. The tradition has spread throughout the English-speaking world but is largely unknown in the rest of Europe.

According to Christmas custom, any two people who meet under a hanging of mistletoe are obliged to kiss. The custom may be of Skandinavian norign and is found in history as early as 1820.

“The mistletoe is still hung up in farm-houses and kitchens at Christmas, and the young men have the privilege of kissing the girls under it, plucking each time a berry from the bush. When the berries are all plucked the privilege ceases.”

Mistletoe leaves and young twigs are used by herbalists, and it is popular in Europe, especially in Germany, for treating circulatory and respiratory system problems. Use of mistletoe extract in the treatment of cancer, however clinical evidence does not support claims of anti-cancer effect for mistletoe extract.

The sticky juice of mistletoe berries was used as adhesive to trap small animals or birds. In South Africa it is called “Bird lime” in English and voelent in Afrikaans. A handful of ripe fruits are chewed until sticky, and the mass is then rubbed between the palms of the hands to form long extremely sticky strands which are then coiled around small thin tree branches where birds perch. When a bird lands on this it gets stuck to the branch and is then easy to catch by hand.

Lamber de Bie.

Christmas Flower Selection now available online

Christmas Flower Selection now available from

15 November 2010

Christmas Flower Selection now available online from our online florists web site

Have a look at the full selection of Christmas flowers, Christmas bouquets, Christmas arrangements, Christmas plants and many more Christmas gifts by going to the following link:

At Lamber de Bie Flowers we guarentee perfect fresh flower gifts for the festive Christmas season. All our florists working with Lamber de Bie Flowers in our flower shops in Waterford, Ireland as well as in Kilkenny Ireland are ready to create their best floral Christmas gifts for you this festive season.

On our online florists website you will fine a large selection of floral Christmas gifts in a range of different prices.  Hand-tied bouquets are available from as little as €35 including a clear glass vase. You will also fine an area of the most luxurious Christmas bouquets.

We also offer a range of Christmas baskets in wintery whites as well as the more traditional christmas flower basket in red and green.

As well as these Christmas bouquets and Christmas basket arrangements you will find a selection of gift plants on our e-commerce flower site such as the red Christmas plant, the Pointsettia. Each Pointsettia Christmas plant wil be giftwrapped in a luxury gift bag.

Ornamental Malus crab apples

All products you buy from come with the Lamber de Bie Flowers guarentee as can be found on our web site.

You can order flowers for the Christmas season for same day delivery in you buy flowers before 12 noon. You can send flowers to Waterford Ireland, Kilkenny Ireland, Nationwide Ireland and anywhere in the UK. For flower deliveries to any other country please contact us by telephone or email. We offer a flower delivery service that will cover almost worldwide.

We hope that you have fun browsing trough our selection of Christmas flowers and look forward to looking after your Christmas gifts.

International Woman’s Day

8 March International Woman’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is marked on 8 March every year. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.

Started as a political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries (primarily Russia and the countries of former Soviet bloc). In some celebrations, the day lost its political flavour, and became simply an occasion for men to express their sympathy and love to the women around them – somewhat similar to Western Mother’s Day and St Valentine’s Day mixed together. In others, however, the political and human rights theme as designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.

The IWD is also celebrated as the first spring holiday, as in the listed countries the first day of March is considered the first day of the spring season.

International Women’s Day is marked on March the 8th every year.

It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.

When is Mother’s Day ?

When is Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is celebrated in several countries across the globe, though the month and date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated in different countries varies. Most countries celebrate Mothers Day on second Sunday in the Month of May. This Mother’s Day date was declared by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914 when he signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. This US tradition of celebrating Mothers Day and paying tribute to mothers spread across several countries over the years and these countries too adopted second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day. However, in many countries the way Mothers Day is celebrated varies and is quite different from the manner in which Mothers Day is celebrated in US. But what is more important than the date and fashion of celebration is the feeling behind the festival. The idea of celebrating Mother’s Day the world over is to pay tribute to mothers for all their love and support and to make them feel special.

Mother’s Day Date in Different Countries

Mother’s Day in United Kingdom and Ireland:

The fourth Sunday in Lent.

2010 – March 14

2011 – April 3

2012 – March 18

2013 – March 10

2014 – March 30

2015 – March 15

2016 – March 6

United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Turkey:

Second Sunday in the month of May.

2010 – May 9

2011 – May 8

2012 – May 13

2013 – May 12

2014 – May 11

2015 – May 10

2016 – May 8

Austria, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, and Spain:

First Sunday in May

2010 – May 2

2011 – May 1

2012 – May 6

2013 – May 5

2014 – May 4

2015 – May 3

2016 – May 1


First Sunday in June or last Sunday in May

Much of South America (as well as Mexico), Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates:

May 10

Mexico: – May 8

Albania: – March 8

Russia: – November 28

Poland: – May 26

Indonesia: – December 22

Egypt: – March 21

Norway: – February 13

Thailand: Birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara – August 12

Sweden: Last Sunday in May

Lebanon: First day of Spring

Norway: The second Sunday in February

Costa Rica: August 15

Argentina: The Día de la Madre – The second or third Sunday in October

Lamber de Bie


What is a Dutch Master Florist ?

Dutch Master Florist

Flower Arrangement training, also known as the Master Flower Arranger (or Dutch Master Florist) course, is very much the showpiece of the industry.

It is the highest distinction that can be attained in the world of flower arrangement. The Foundation for Flower Arrangement Training (SOB) – in The Netherlands – launched its examinations in 1959. The aim was to give leading arrangers the opportunity to demonstrate their special skills and to be acknowledged as a member of an elite group of florists.

Recognized Master Flower Arranger.

Lamber de Bie obtained the right to use the above symbol in 1992 when he finished his education to become no:285 as a recognized Dutch Master Florist at the Sierteelt Vakschool in Vught in Holland.

My journey in becoming a Dutch master florist

Many people assume that Accredited Master Flower Arrangers (Dutch Master Florists) is a step by step process of enhancing your professional skills, the results of which are apparent in ever more impressive arrangements. This is basically true, but the road I followed was a great deal more complex in practice. Students undergo a process of change (learning), during which they absorb information like a sponge, though often without knowing what to do with it. Standards can actually drop at this stage with the realization that what they knew before is not enough, while what they have recently learned has yet to be fully assigned.

To avoid sounding to vague, I will try to describe what this process of learning and change actually meant for me. The best place to begin is with the florist’s basic material, the plant.

The nomenclature (names) of plants and their morphology (characteristics) are the building blocks of our trade. The more plants you know and the more familiar you are with their features, the bigger your artist’s palette. This process of learning (often “by heart’) and understanding never really ends, given the variety of nature and the many new cultured varieties that appear all the time. Our understanding of the world (biotope) of vegetation is constantly evolving too, and this is another field with which the arranger ought to keep up to date.

A second aspect dealt with by the training course is composition and theory of forms. One of the main objectives was to develop an understanding of the theory of forms and the associated floral vocabulary. Simply saying a piece is ugly or attractive was no longer acceptable – henceforth, such statements had to be supported by objective arguments, which gradually replaced subjective taste judgments.

Colour theory, drawing and three-dimensional design work with non-plant material are three elements of the course in which we were made to forget about plants and flowers and to study design in its totality. This teaches us to explore our own potential and limitations. The benefits of all this work became apparent  when it was thereafter applied to floral arrangements.

The art appreciation element is important because of the awareness of historical ideas it communicated to today’s flower arrangers. Great emphasis was placed on how and above all why design was approached in a particular way in the past. A statement from one of my tutors that I will never forget best describes this part of the course; “Once a person has learned to see, they are never the same again. Things that have been designed in an interesting way will always grab the attention”.

Practical work, finally, allowed us to get our hands on plants and flowers. It is here that all the different strands of knowledge are woven together to produce individual floral pieces. Dialogue and discussion between instructors and students was often as important as the actual designing and creating of the work. This is were comments and discussions fed us all into raising the quality of subsequent work.

After intensive work on all these aspects of our fascinating craft, I ,and with me most college students, found our self changed – not only in a professional sense, but also as an individual.

To be a Dutch master florist

Being a master florist means recognition of study, work, change and intensive contact with fellow students.

It also means, however, that the arranger is thrown back on his or her own recourses, returning to where he or she started – the every day practice of the flower shop and/or training others. So what do I do with all my creative ideas? How do I communicate my knowledge, persuade customers to appreciate the quality we can offer and find the opportunity to do so?

Artists in other disciplines face the same problems. How many fine artists produce brilliant work that remains unsold in their studios? How many composers, poets and sculptors have excellent creations that are all but unheard, unread or unseen? And even then they have the advantage that their works are not perishable.

As a Dutch Master Florist I am aware that it is a lifelong duty to stay ahead by continuously opening my eyes wider than I have ever done before and by experimenting without fear.

I believe that keeping abreast of new trends and assimilating them in our own high quality products will keep me young always.

I would like to express my gratitude, to all florists whose efforts over the years have contributed so much to our craft, to the fact that I have been able to study at the best college, learn from the best tutors and work with the best co-students.

I am grateful for the wonderful businesses we have built with the help of a fantastic team and lots of appreciating customers.

Lamber de Bie

Dutch Master Florist