Hydrangea Flowers Trending for Weddings

Hydrangea Flowers

Hydrangea’s are getting a more and more popular choice flower for Summer/Autumn Weddings




The best season for Hydrangea’s is JuneJulyAugust,September and October, when they are in their natural flowering season and widely available and looking at their best. Also as with most cutflowers they are best value in July / October.

At Lamber de Bie Flowers we like to work as mutch as possible with flowers that are in their natural flowering season. This is not only for the reasons as I mentioned above but also it is one of the beautiful things about being a florist that our work continuously follows the seasons.

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There is a large variety of Hydrangea’s in lots of different colours available for your wedding to choose from. Colours vary from white, creme, pink, purple, blue, red, green and mutch more.


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There are always new varieties coming on to the market from growers developing new cultivars with better qualities as cutflowers and a wider range of colours. It is always good to check with your florist if the variety of Hydrangea Flowers are available on your wedding date before you totally set your heart of these stunning flowers and later find out that they would not be available for your wedding.









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Hydrangea’s are available outside of their natural flowering season but expect to pay more for then.


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I have added a small selection of some beautiful varieties of Hydrangea flowers for you to have a look at. If you’re thinking of a different colour ask your florist or send us a quick note and we’ll be delighted to advise.




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Floating blue and pink Hydrangea's in the fountain for Wedding Reception
Floating blue and pink Hydrangea’s in the fountain for Wedding Reception

Hope you have lots of fun planning the flowers and every other element of your wedding day.


Remenber that this is just a small section of the many colours of Hydrangea flowers that we as professional florists have acces to. And also that some Hydrangea’s are available in the early part of summer as others are better in the later half of summer.


I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the many growers of stunning cutflowers that widen our pallet of colours we can work with all the time by creating beautiful varieties of Hydrangea’s and many other flowers.


Hydrangea Flowers in Glasshouses in Holland
Hydrangea Flowers in Glasshouses in Holland

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Lamber de Bie

Dutch Master Florist