Creating an alternative Christmas tree

Here’s how to create something different for your Christmas Tree.

I’ve started with cutting our Tree shapes from a MDF sheet and than place a square base of MDF at the base.

Using 40cm long natural branches screwed into the base as well as into the main cutout makes your tree stand upright perfectly.



After this I stapled a number of Christmas tree branches to the wooden form to cover it completely. The last job is to simply wrap your Christmas lights around your tree.

I’ve decided not to use any further decorations as I’ve used the cherry-bulb christmas lights.


Here’s some pictures of our Flower shop in Waterford, Ireland. We have used these trees for our window display as well as for different displays inside in our shop.


I hope you like this idea and gets you started with your own creative ideas.

Wishing you lots of fun and a Happy Christmas from all the team at



Romantic Summer Wedding in Castle Durrow

We’ve just received some of the stunning pictures from a recent bridal photo shoot.

All photo’s by Nick O’Keeffe Photography. Bridal by Jeutonic. MakeUp by Emma Hogan Eyrebrushed Makeup Studios. Hair Joan Carroll INCH Hair Design. Jewellery K Kajoux Jewels

We were delighted to be part of this day in the magnificent wedding location – Castle Durrow. Hope you enjoy these photo’s and the flowers we created for this day.

Soon there will be more,

Lamber de Bie – Dutch Master Florist  –

Wedding Venue Durrow Castle.
Wedding Venue Durrow Castle.
Bride and groom are taking a moment to themselves on their wedding day.
Bride and groom are taking a moment to themselves on their wedding day.
A natural head band of Olive branches for a summer bride.
A natural head band of Olive branches for a summer bride.
Soft, flowing bridal flowers.
Soft, flowing bridal flowers.

Summer Wedding

International Woman’s Day 8 March 2015


Sunday 8th of March 2015



International Women’s Day (IWD), also called International Working Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political, and social achievements. Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday blended in the culture of many countries, primarily in Europe, including Russia. In some regions, the day lost its political flavor, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In other regions, however, the political and human rights theme designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner. This is a day which some people celebrate by wearing purple ribbons.


As actress Patricia Arquette pointed out during her Oscars acceptance speach earlier this year, there is still lots of work to be done for equality for Women.

Patricia arquette on Women's Equality at Oscars acceptance speach for International Woman's Day.
Patricia arquette on Women’s Equality at Oscars acceptance speach for International Woman’s Day.

In Ireland the celebrations of International Woman’s Day has grown significant over the past number of years. Much of this is due to the increasing amount of Eastern Europeans now calling Ireland their home. Men come into our flower shops to buy a bouquet or a single flower for all the women in their live: Partner, wife, mother, sister, daughter, work colleauge, etc. Celebrating the importance of these women in their life.

This tradition has been picked up by many Irish men as a gesture of recognition for the women in their life.

International Woman's Day is on 8th March.
International Woman’s Day is on 8th March.


Surprise the Woman in your life with a token of respect from Lamber de Bie Flowers this year. #MakeitHappen

Mother’s Day Flowers Waterford and Kilkenny Local Florist

Mother’s Day Flowers 2015

Lamber de Bie Flowers

Waterford Florist    Kilkenny Florist

Mother's Day Flowers for delivery to Waterford and Kilkenny, Ireland can be ordered directly for delivery from your local florist at Lamber de Bie Flowers.
Mother’s Day Flowers for delivery to Waterford and Kilkenny, Ireland can be ordered directly for delivery from your local florist at Lamber de Bie Flowers.

Sunday 15th of March 2015 is Mother’s Day.

It’s almost time to celebrate those Irish mammies!

It’s the one day of the year that mothers get spoilt, with breakfast in bed, surprise presents and a slap-up meal.

And as it’s always better to plan ahead, it’s vital to double check that all-important date.

Mother’s Day is a modern celebration originating in North America, honoring one’s own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May.

The date of Mother’s Day changes every year. This year Mother’s Day will be Sunday March 15.

Large Mother’s Day Extravagance Hand-tied Mother’s Day Extravagance Hand-tied If you want to spoil her this Mother’s Day, this very special bouquet includes exquisite mini orchids, rich and exotic lilies and stunning large-headed roses, all expertly arranged to create a luxurious gift that she’ll truly appreciate.

View our collection of Mothers Day flowers, send flowers for Mother’s Day, popular choices include roses & lilies or delightful tulips – make your mums day special and let her know just how much you care!

Large Mother’s Day Hand-tied Mother’s Day Hand-tied for €59.00 It’s hard to beat a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers as a luxurious Mother’s Day gift. This hand-tied selection includes all the popular favourites – exotic lilies, stunning roses and cheery germini – so it’s perfect to show Mum how much you care.
Mother's Day Flowers Waterford Kilkenny
Large Mother’s Day Pretty Pastel Hand-tied Mother’s Day Pretty Pastel Hand-tied €59.00 For this stunning bouquet we’ve chosen a colour palette of soft pastel tones to create this very pretty Mother’s Day bouquet. The carefully arranged shades and textures of these flowers complement each other beautifully. Mum is sure to be delighted. Created and delivered by your local Waterford or Kilkenny florist.
1068Luxury Mother's Day Flowers
Luxury Mother’s Day Mixed Hand-tied Luxury Mother’s Day Mixed Hand-tied by Lamber de Bie Flowers, you Waterford & Kilkenny Florist. Receiving this sumptuous hand-tied is sure to be a highlight for Mum this Mother’s Day. For this stunning bouquet we’ve selected a combination of some more unusual varieties and colours to create a sense of classic, timeless luxury. A beautiful and very special gift.
All white Mother's Day flowers
All White Modern Bouquet This sophisticated all white hand-tied bouquet in elegant shades of white, is a stunning gift to send no matter what the occasion. Five large-headed Roses, combined with Lilies, Lisianthus and seasonal foliage create a stunning bouquet to send to someone special
Mother's Day Gift Bag of Flowers
Mother’s Day Gift Bag Flowers A perfect Mother’s Day gift In fresh, cool shades of lilac and pink, with accents of cream and lemon, this irresistible gift bag is a delightful choice for Mum. This pretty selection of flowers includes scented hyacinths, so this is a gift sure to bring a smile to her face this Mother’s Day. At Lamber de Bie flowers in Waterford & Kilkenny we create your special gift and deliver on Mother’s Day or the day before. Choose your pefered delivery day.
Mother's Day Baskets
Mother’s Day Basket A Basket of flowers for Mother’s Day. There’s a timeless elegance to this exquisite basket arrangement of fresh flowers in soft shades. The pinks, creamy peach tones and shades of green are an ideal combination. Beautifully presented in classic basket, this is a gift she’ll treasure. Lamber de Bie Flowers in Waterford & Kilkenny deliver on Mother’s Day Sunday.

The gift of flowers will show your mother how much you appreciate all that she does. Order Mother’s Day flowers online from Lamber de Bie Flowers to guarantee your mom has the best Mother’s Day yet!

Pink Flower Basket for Mothers Day
Beautifull Basket of Pink Flowers A basketful of beautiful fresh flowers is a lovely way to mark any special occasion. A selection of seasonal pink flowers and elegant foliage. This timeless classic flower basket is still one of our best sellers at Lamber de Bie flowers.

Send Flowers for Mothers Day with leading Irish online florist, order online with flowers from Lamber de Bie flowers, Your local florist in Waterford & Kilkenny as well as your online florist shop. we are a real local florist that are guarenteed to send you the best fresh flowers for Mother’s day.

Mother's Day Flowers for delivery to Waterford and Kilkenny, Ireland can be ordered directly for delivery from your local florist at Lamber de Bie Flowers.
Mother’s Day Flowers for delivery to Waterford and Kilkenny, Ireland can be ordered directly for delivery from your local florist at Lamber de Bie Flowers.

Mother’s Day Flowers

When you can’t take flowers and give them to mum yourself on Mother’s Day, we’re delighted to deliver them with a smile on your behalf. This year, our talented florists at Lamber de Bie flowers in Waterford and Kilkenny, have created a wonderful selection of beautiful Mother’s Day flowers for you to choose from.

We’ve been showing mums our appreciation with Mother’s Day flowers for a long time – in fact the tradition has been followed for hundreds of years in Ireland and in other countries. A sumptuous bouquet of fresh flowers, or a chic and stylish arrangement is a luxurious gift that is sure to make her feel special.

Buy your Mother’s Day Flowers now online from your local florist.

Lamber de Bie Flowers Online

The Tulip – From Turkish turban to Amsterdam canal house

Oh, the tulip! It can’t get any more Dutch, you might be thinking, but the tulip originates from Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Nomads took the flower to Turkey, where sultans wore a tulip on their turbans. That is how the tulip got its name: ‘tulipan’ means turban.

Tulips make you happy.
Tulips make you happy.

The popular tulip is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or with petals in different colours. You also get a lot of choice of shapes. There are tulips with a single or a double row of flower petals, striking frilly and parrot tulips with serrated- edged petals and the elegant lily tulip.

  • With these care tips you can enjoy your little turbans for 5 to 12 days:
  • Choose a vase which is tall enough: tulips can still grow a few centimetres.
  • Place the tulips first of all for an hour in the vase, in their wrapping. The tulips will suck up the water and will straighten themselves.
  • Use tap water at room temperature.
  • Cut the stems diagonally off at the bottom.
  • Place the vase in a cool, not too sunny position, away from the fruit bowl.
Beautifull spring blooms - Tulips
Beautifull spring blooms – Tulips

When you give flowers, in some cases you also send a message. Red tulips mean turbulent love, yellow tulips mean rejection and black tulips: ‘I love you so much I would give everything up for you’. If you gave a tulip in the sixteenth century, then you would be giving riches. In that time the flower was extremely popular and a speculative trade in tulip bulbs quickly developed. In those days you could buy a whole canal house in Amsterdam for the price of one tulip bulb! Those times are over, but you will still feel rich, with a beautiful bunch of tulips in your home.

Tulip bouquet from Lamber de Bie Flowers in Waterford , Kilkenny
Extravagant Spring Tulip Bouquet

Christmas week is here at Lamber de Bie Flowers

Christmas is almost upon us,

Christmas flower wreath with red roses and tulips
Christmas flower wreath with red roses and tulips

With only four more shopping days left, all systems are running at 110% to deliver the most beautiful Christmas flower bouquets, table centre arrangements and gifts to more and more customers every year.

Christmas is one of the busiest time of the year at Lamber de Bie Flowers. It starts not long after the previous Christmas when Lamber & Pat (co-Owner of Lamber de Bie Flowers) sit down at length and discuss every detail of the season with every member of their team from the florist to the delivery person as well as their trusted suppliers. This allows Lamber 12 Months of preparation for the next Christmas season. In the first two months of the year Lamber visits a number of International Christmas and gift tradefairs in the UK, Germany, France and ofcourse his native Holand, were a large proportion of the decorations for next Christmas are purchased. This year Lamber de Bie Flowers will be going for the fourteened time trough the same routine.

Four shopping days left means for the Florists at Lamber de Bie that apart from four busy days there’s also 3 late nights ahead of us. During the day when all 3 of our shops are open all day from 8am all hands are on deck to serve lots of customers that call into our shop to choose or order the perfect centre piece that will be central to this years Christmas dinner table, order Christmas bouquets for their own home or a friend or family member or look after a customer that would like to say thank you to their customers with a special floral gift from Lamber de Bie for their support.

On top of that there is the “every day” events in the flower shops; Today in or shop in the Kilbarry Centre on the Tramore Road in Waterford everything stopped for a moment when a young woman came into our shop to personally thank our florists for the amazing bouquet of 100 large red roses she received trough our shop this week. The proud photo’s she showed us on her phone and the enormous smile made us all appreciate once again how lucky we all are to be part of this amazing business. On the same day from our Kilkenny shop we delivered an amazing display of flowers for a wedding where the bride wanted us to decorate each of the tables with individual floral displays as well as filling the church with stunning wedding flowers. at our flowershop in Ardkeen Quality Foodstore, on the Dunmore road in waterford there was a very special moment today when a customer called to thank our florist for the way we looked her at a recent loss in her family.

Lamber and his team of florists have created a stunning selection of floral masterpieices for Christmas 2014. The designes have been tried, tested and photographed and are now available on our florist website

Fresh flowers have arrived from Holland over the past few days and will arrive every day upto Christmas eve where they are sorted, checked and conditioned, ready to be distributed to our 3 flower shops in Waterford & Kilkenny. A team of dedicated and passionate experts are making sure that whatever ariives at a Lamber de Bie Flowershop is always the best quality of fresh flowers and plants.

Today, four days before Christmas we can truly say that Lamber de Bie Flowers is ready for Christmas. Our shops are filled with beautiful hand tied bouquets starting from €20.00 upto…….. well – you name it, a selection of table centre pieces in every size and shape, and a selection of christmas plants and planted arrangements to bring colour, scent and warmth to your home or as a gift for a dear one. We also think of thos that are not here this Christmas with stunning flowers and wreaths for the grave.

Our shops are open every day from now to Christmas from 8 am untill Christmas eve on 5pm when we will be closing our doors for a shrot but I believe a well deserved rest and some family time for our florists.

Call to one of our flower shops in Waterford or Kilkenny or give us a call if you can’t make it or just log onto our 24/7 website

Our Waterford shops are:

Lamber de Bie Flowers, Kilbarry Centre (formally Superquinn), Tramore Road, Waterford Tel: 051-379 440 Email:

Lamber de Bie Flowers @ Ardkeen Quality Foodstore, Dunmore Road, Waterford Tel: 051-844 848

our Kilkenny shop: Lamber de Bie Flowers, Ormonde Street, Kilkenny City, Tel: 056-777 0161 Email:

Hand tied red and green Christmas bouquet from Lamber de Bie Flowers
Hand tied red and green Christmas bouquet from Lamber de Bie Flowers

We would like this opppertunity to thank all of our customers for their support, not only over the past year but over the last 14 years since Lamber de Bie Flowers first opened its door. It is because you, our customers that we the florists of team Lamber de Bie, enjoy the best job in the world -every day of the year. Thank You!

Vote For Us Please

Please Help us and VOTE FOR US.

I kindly ask you to nominate Lamber de Bie Flowers for the Best Shop in Ireland 2014 awards organised by the Irish Times.

We were shortlisted last year and recieved a mention in the paper for Highly recommended entry.

This year we would love to go all the way, and with your help we can do this.

I would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes to write why you think we deserve to be the Best Specialist Shop winner in 2014.


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Most Popular Wedding Florist – Industry Expert

We Won !!!!


Lamber de Bie wins 2014 Most popular Wedding Florist
Lamber de Bie wins 2014 Most popular Wedding Florist

not only most popular wedding florist in Kilkenny,

but also most popular wedding florist – Worldwide.



This is due to the many brides from across the world choosing Ireland as their wedding destination for who we have had the pleasure looking after the flowers.

Thank You all for you votes!


Wedding Flowers by Lamber de Bie Flowers. Winner of the Wedding Industy Experts Awards 2014
Wedding Flowers by Lamber de Bie Flowers. Winner of the Wedding Industy Experts Awards 2014


We would like to thank the fantastic photographers of for this picture as well as Michelle from

Special thanks for the above image also go to the following Wedding Experts:

@5th Photography @Waterlily Weddings @Lamber de Bie Flowers @Leona Ruby @Black Tie Creatives


Find Lamber de Bie Flowers on Google Maps

All of our Flowershops on Google Maps


At Lamber de Bie Flowers we welcome you into our florist stores even if can’t leave your home or desk.


Have a look at Lamber de Bie Flowers in the Kilbarry Shopping Centre on the Tramore Road in Waterford, Ireland.

Best Florist in Waterford
Lamber de Bie flowers, Flower shop in the Kilbarry Centre on the Tramore Road, in Waterford, Ireland

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Have a look at Lamber de Bie Flowers inside Ardkeen Quality Foodstore on the Dunmore Road in Waterford, Ireland.

Lamber de Bie Flowers, Ardkeen Quality Foodstore, Dunmore Road, Waterford, Ireland.
Lamber de Bie Flowers, Ardkeen Quality Foodstore, Dunmore Road, Waterford, Ireland.

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Have a look at Lamber de Bie Flowers in the Ormonde Street in Kilkenny City Centre, Ireland.

Lamber de Bie Flowers, Kilkenny
Look inside Kilkenny Florist using Google Maps

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We hope to welcome you soon into one of our Florist shops


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Summer flowers Ireland

Here’s a few samples of our new summer selection available online from our website today for delivery (almost) anywhere in Ireland by the local florist you trust for more than fifteen years in Waterford & Kilkenny.

lilac flower bouquet
mixed flowers in purple and blue and pink
a stunning pink bouquet of summer flowers
Mixed pink flowers summer hand tied bouquet
perfect flowers to say Happy Birthday, Best of Luck or Cheer Up.
Vibrant coloured summer flowers in a glass vase



Happy flowers delivered by us.
Summer time in the garden with bright yellow sunflowers in a glass vase


For more information give us a call in our flowershop in Kilkenny at +353 (0)56-7770161 or

in Waterford at +353(0)51-379440


just goto