Plants for winter window boxes and patio pots

Plants for Winter colour on your patio

The autumn has come and our window boxes and patio planters are beginning to look a bit dull. The summer bedding flowers have almost come to an end. This is the perfect time to give your patio pots a new leash of life and some colour for the autumn and winter months.


At Lamber de Bie Flowers – in our 3 flower shops in Ireland – we always have a selection of seasonal flowering plants both for inside the home as well as for your patio and window boxes.

I picked out some plants that are very suitable for planting in pots outside that will transform your terrace.


These winter Cyclamen will survive outside all year round and provide you with lots of colour. The Cyclamen vary in colour from different shades of pink, lilac, red  and pure white. They will look fantastic on their own, maybe with some trailing Ivy plants, or mixed with some of the other plants below.

Winter Cyclamen


The Hydrangea plant, as in the picture below, is available again in a variety of colours from pink, blue, purple, green and white. Remember that almost all flowers will turn green after they come to the end of their flowering season. These Hydrangea plants will dress your patio planters for many months and in the spring when you replant your pots again with summer bedding flowers you can than plant this fantastic plant in a shaded or half sunny spot in the garden where it will flower for years to come.

Blue Hydrangea plant


Lily plants in pots are a great favorite of ours, they come in many different colours from pinks, yellows, reds, white and many more. A plant that will flower for a long time outside or in a cool position in the home. When your lily is finished flowering make sure you take all the finished flowers out of the plant to encourage new growth. When the lily plant is completely finished flowering, and everything, including stems and leaves, has died off you can than plant the remaining root – bulbs in a sunny spot in your garden and the lilies will flower for you every summer, again and again.

Lily plants in pot


The Brassica, or Ornamental Cabbage is an annual plant, grown from seed that will only live for one season. If planted this time of year they will stay beautiful outside all trough the winter. This is a very in expensive plant that is perfect for planting in your winter window boxes and patio planters.

Ornamental Cabbage plant, Brassica.


The Chrysanthemum plants are available in different sizes up to the enormous globes in the photo below. One of these in a pot near your front door will brighten the entrance of your door for months during autumn and winter. These Chrysanthemum plants are also very popular plants that are often placed during the month of November – Month of Remembrance – on the graves of a loved one as they will produce flower for a long time and need little water when outside in a cool climate. When you decide to bring the Chrysant plant in to a warm room in your home you will need to give it plenty of water.

Large Chrysant plants


The Hebe plant is a small and slow growing evergreen schrub with beautiful coloured foliage. They work perfect in a combined winter planter for on your patio.

Garden hebe plants


At our Lamber de Bie Flowers Flower shops in Waterford and Kilkenny we are also selling a selection of Tulip bulbs and Daffodil bulbs. All our bulbs come from a local Irish family farm specializing in Irish grown bulbs. When planting your winter planters for your patio it is a great idea to place some bulbs into the soil between your plants. These bulbs will appear in early spring and give a welcome blast of colour when it is still to early to plant your summer bedding.

Irish grown tulips

These Irish grown Tulip bulbs and Daffodil bulbs can also be planted directly into your border for that fantastic spread of colour in spring. When planting bulbs I like to plant them in large groups of the same variety together. The impact of a large group of tulips in spring in your garden is much better than when you spread them out as individual single tulips all around the garden.

Irish grown Daffodil Bulbs

We always carry a range of plants, both indoor plants for in the home as well as seasonal garden plants suitable for patio pots and window boxes.  Many of our customers buy these as gifts trough our florist website.

Have a look at our website at or contact one of our team in the shops to find out what other options we have in our flower shops.